Dental Solutions

Our 3D Dental Workstation is a medical device with CE marking (class IIa) designed in close collaboration with the best international Specialists. The result is an extremely versatile tool which can be used in all areas of diagnostic imaging, both to study and simulate surgical interventions and to communicate the treatment plan to the patient. To get more information use Link to our Dental Partner and Distributer:

Intelligent User Interface

Full 3D interactive environment and specialised layouts for implant planning, TMJ, airway, and sinus inspection make your job easier and more efficient.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Customizable and automated reporting tools can save you a lot of time.

Customizable Features & User Interface

Our software is built around the modular framework that allows very efficient customization. Our products are tailored to the specific needs of each partner and client.

Powerful 3D

State of the art 3D engine offers high performance even on laptops and older computers. Our 3D technology also supports hardware rendering to fully utilize fast graphic cards. High performance 3D engine is just a foundation for our full 3D interactive environment, virtual endoscopy, stereo support and other advanced features.

Free Support & Integration

Our ability to fully customize the product to the specific needs of the clients allows us to create fast, easy to use and intuitive solutions.

Windows, Mac & Linux

Our software runs on different software and hardware platforms.

iOS and Android