OEM/Custom Solutions

We are specialized in providing 3D rendering capabilities and customized medical applications to the PACS providers, device vendors, and doctors. We also offer our source code, complete support, and further development to the companies or institutions. Our main advantages are extensive research experience and capabilities (very good connections to the university) and price / performance ratio.

The main advantage of our software is that it is built around the state of the art modular framework that allows very efficient building of medical applications that are tailored to specific needs of each partner/client. This model allows us to quickly and seamlessly integrate with other software packages. Such integration allows our clients to have the same graphic style and user interface in all their products, thus minimizing the training and upgrade costs. Our medical framework is very reliable and easy to support, so we do not charge any support or upgrade fees to our clients.
All these features give us an advantage over competitors that are usually bigger and rigid companies that are much slower in implementing changes / upgrades for their clients. Our software is fully localized and runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms. Our major clients include cone beam CT manufacturers, dental implant companies and PACS companies from all over the world.