Our 3D Radiology Workstation for CT, MR and PET includes various segmenting and processing algorithms (vessels, colon, bones, …), intuitive user interface, full 3D interactive environment and multimodal fusion. It is built around our modular framework for building custom applications so it is very easy to customize it or integrate into other products and environments.

3D Workstation for CT, MR, PET

Radiology 3D Workstation is a fully-featured radiology 3D imaging application. It is especially distinguished for its customization and integration options, supported by the software's open architecture and modular framework.

Vessel Analysis

Automatic vessel segmentation and intuitive user interface make vessel analysis an easy task.

Virtual Endoscopy/Colonoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy/Endoscopy allows you to navigate through a patient's anatomy, simulating the endoscopic procedure. The automatic segmentation and automatic centerline extraction make the evaluating process of the anatomy much faster and more automated.

CT/PET and MultiModal Fusion

CT/PET and Multimodal fusion allow fast and thorough examination of multimodal medical imaging data.

3D Template/Implant Planning

Easy to use 3D Templating and Implant planning supports any template vendor and can export data in various formats.

Telemedicine & Cloud solutions

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Customizable Features and User Interface

Our software is built around the modular framework that allows very efficient customization. Our products are tailored to the specific needs of each partner and client.

Powerful 3D

State of the art 3D engine offers high performance even on laptops and older computers. Our 3D technology also supports hardware rendering to fully utilize fast graphic cards. High performance 3D engine is just a foundation for our full 3D interactive environment, virtual endoscopy, stereo support and other advanced features.

Free Support & Integration

Our open architecture allows us to quickly and seamlessly integrate with other software packages. Such integration allows our clients to have the same graphic style and user interface in all their products, thus minimizing the training and upgrade costs. Our products are very reliable and easy to support, so we do not charge any support or upgrade fees to our clients.

Windows, Mac & Linux

Our software runs on different software and hardware platforms.